Welcome To Mexican Inn Cafe

Now celebrating 80 years of great Mexican cuisine!

Since 1936, Mexican Inn Cafe has been serving delicious Tex-Mex specialties to the people of North Texas. We've long been a Fort Worth tradition, and now we've grown to include locations in several nearby communities.

Each day at the Mexican Inn Cafe, we steam fresh corn and grind it into "masa." From that masa, we prepare delicious corn tortillas and our special chips, which can only be found at Mexican Inn. Our tortillas and chips are only two of the many reasons why our restaurants have been legends for 75 years! Visit us, and you too will know why we are a favorite dining destination.

Mexican Inn and its sister restaurants, Spring Creek Barbeque, Shady Oak Barbeque & Grill and Casa Rita's Mexican Grill, are all part of Spring Creek Restaurants, a family-held company owned by Chris Carroll. Spring Creek Restaurants owns and operates 41 restaurants across Texas, with several more under construction.

Welcome to Mexican Inn Cafe